Costs & Value

The first question I am almost always asked is – “How much?” It is a perfectly reasonable question and one I typically roll my eyes until the service provider tells me how much too. So here it is – packages ( up to 35 hours) start at $950 which is more than a 50% off of hourly rates of $60. The Senior Rush Package (10 hours) is $475 and is design for students who already know which schools they plan to apply to and only need some help with their application and essay. Ten hours is usually enough to get essays and supplements done and sometimes honors college essays (please note for 2021 – we do not currently have availability for July or August, we will be able to determine in late August if space is available).

Ok – I just heard you making that sucking in breath sound. You might even be thinking “but I can do this myself”. The answer is yes you can do it yourself, and like many services hiring, an independent educational consultant or college admissions coach will make your life easier.

Parents – likely you are going to spend a minimum of $8500 for tuition for your student’s first year. By hiring a professional college admissions coach, you are getting help through a process that can be a stressful time, and time-consuming.

This means you are not bugging your student about what they have done with their college essays – I am.

You are not making sure everything gets done on time to give your student the best chance at college-based scholarships and academic awards – I am.

You are hiring someone to help you with a process that is time-consuming and requires a LOT of research.

I will work with you to help your family find the right college fit for your student and family in the vast sea of colleges and university options.

It means you are utilizing someone to help your student put their best self forward and help the admissions committee see the student you know they are.

Here is a breakdown of the different packages’ costs and how much the cost would be per hour. Please click on the links below to find out more about each package. OR set up a time to meet with me (FREE) and we can go through it together and figure out what services your family needs:

High School Comprehensive Consulting Package  Up to 35 hours – Cost $950 (value of $2100) –This is a complete package to help students and their families with the entire College Application Process. Please note for the class of 2022 – we are full.  We have openings for the class of 2023, 2024, and 2025. 

Senior Express Consulting Package Up to 35 hours – Cost $950 (value of $2100) -This package is for the senior and their family who are starting the College Application Process after junior year. It is similar to the Comprehensive Package but on a much faster timeline. Please note for the class of 2022 – we are full.  Check back in late August for openings. We will be offering a hybrid virtual/in-person workshop in mid-August. Details coming soon!

Hourly Service Consulting per hour cost of $60 – For the student and family that only needs help with part of the application process, we can help set up a plan that works for your needs.

Senior Rush Package Special (2021 – it is unlikely space will available for July, we will may be able to open space in late August) Up to 10 hours – Cost $475 (value of $600) – This package is for the student who already knows the colleges they plan to apply to and just need help with getting the application process organized and essays written. Check back in late August for openings. We will be offering a hybrid virtual/in-person workshop in mid-August. Details coming soon!

While we are passionate about helping your family through the College Application Process there are a few services College Path Advising DOES NOT provide:

  • We do Not guarantee placement at any college or university
  • We do Not provide solicitation or intervention to any college or university
  • We do Not complete the student’s applications
  • We do Not write the student’s essays

The role of College Path Advising is to provide assistance to students and families in finding colleges that match the student’s interest and navigating the application process with families. The relationship between the family and the Consultant is such that it requires the Consultant, Student, and their Family to participate. Below are the Student and Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Responsibilities are:

  • Schedule Appointments and attend
  • The student is to write the essay themselves
  • Complete and submit applications
  • Remain in communication with the Consultant as to status and progression in the process
  • Notifying schools of intention to attend or not to attend
  • Timely payment of fees
  • Provide Consultant required paperwork as requested (including (but not limited to) student’s transcript, test scores, essay, and applications)
  • Provide Consultant with any information that may impact the student’s ability to attend college (including (but not limited to) disciplinary issues at school, arrest records, convictions, or any other important information)