3 Free Ways to Think About Summer for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers

Hey Everyone!! So today I am thinking about the summer. I know being so cold, it feels very far away (and yes, I was out this morning in 23 degrees doing my CG working out!). But it is close enough to start planning how you’re going to spend your summer.

If you are a middle schooler or a younger high schooler, it is too soon to legally spend your summer working (yeah, yeah, I can hear the whooping and hollering). AND it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about how to spend your summer to help with your college applications and scholarship applications. Yup – it matters even now!

If you are over 14 you should strongly consider working. Yes, 14 years olds can work with a work permit. However, if you are under 14 years olds, you may think your options are limited.

So what can someone who can’t work yet do? Lots!! (oh and those that can work this applies to you too.)

  1. Volunteer – there are opportunities to volunteer and in lots of different forms. There are organized ways such as the YMCA and the SPCA as well as unorganized ways. What is an unorganized way? Simple – create your own. Find a need in your community, fill it, and keep track of what and how long you are doing it for. An example- talk to a senior community and find out if you can come and visit with seniors for two hours a week (or more). One of the main issues for seniors that are not active is being lonely.
  2. Learn something new – spend the summer learning a new skill or working on a research project. Put together a portfolio or document your process. Be creative.
  3. Start a business – young entrepreneurs are definitely on the rise. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to get out there and sell your service or product. Again document your process and outcomes!

None of these summer activities need to take every moment of your summer, but they need to be meaningful. It is not about punching a clock, rather it is about giving back, learning more about yourself, and using your time creatively.