Upcoming College Open Houses

Open Houses are they a college has a chance to show what it’s got. They usually pull out all the bells and whisles and ultimately want to leave having had a great time and thinking about how you fit at their school.

You get a chance to see what the school is about and have easier access to learning about the school and campus life.

Should you go? Yes. Should it be the only time you go? No.

If you don’t like the school at an open house, odds are you won’t like it when they are not rolling out the red carpet for you. Try not to be too cool to think it is all just silly. Try to see it through their eyes – they’re proud! Now, if you like the school, don’t let this be the only impression it leaves on you. Come back and visit during the week when school is in session. Pick the middle of the day as that should be the busiest. Eat at the cafeteria (because that is what the food will taste like year-round).

Here are a few open house dates coming up:

College of Charleston2/18/2019
Wofford College2/18/2019
Lander University 2/23/2019
Western Carolina University2/23/2019
Winthrop University2/23/2019
University of North Carolina at Charlotte3/16/2019

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