More Tips for College Visits and Meaningful Interactions

 Last week, I posted 3 tips for college visits.  This time we’re going for 5 more! Remember it isn’t just about your visit it is about making any interaction you have with colleges meaningful. Make your college application standout through interacting with colleges and finding the right college fit is perhaps the most missed opportunity. It is the part of the application process students, and families don’t see as part of the process. Therefore, the savvy student knows this is an integral aspect of your college application and can be key to getting the best financial aid package. Here are my 5 tips to make your application standout through interaction with colleges and finding the right fit for your student 

  1. Visit With Your College Representatives in Your Area

Even local colleges have representatives travel around to fairs, events at your school, or may hold office time in the Guidance Office. Go to college’s website to find out when they are coming to your area. Also, if they are not coming to your area, find out if they have alumni you can meet with to talk about the college. Treat this like an interview, even if it is casual. Therefore, expect the alumni will report back to the admissions office. These types of interactions are essential if the college is out of the area or you are unable to visit the college campus. Make sure they know who you are!

2. Virtual College Visits

In addition to traveling Admissions Representatives, lots of colleges hold virtual events. College Week Live is one that is hosted at least once a year. It is free. The college itself may hold chats online with current students. These are easy to attend and cost you nothing except a little bit of time. Moreover, if the college doesn’t hold events online, make an appointment to speak with your admissions counselor.  Be sure whatever method you interact with virtually that you have a few questions to ask ahead of time. And as always – make sure they know your name!

3. Visit the Admissions Office

Make sure the Admissions Office knows you were there. As I have been saying, colleges need to know you are involved and the different ways you are getting to know the college. They actually record every interaction with the student. The interaction strategy only works if the college knows the student has interacted with them. Students who interact more with the college are more likely to be accepted (this does not show up every week or call them all the time). Also be sure to book a tour and make an appointment with your admissions counselor.

4. Visit the Department You Are Interested In Majoring In

Make an appointment to talk with the department you are interested in majoring. Come ready with a few questions about that major. Here are a few examples of questions to ask: In the last five years, what are some jobs graduates have gotten? At what point do I need to declare my major in your department to be certain I graduate in 4 years? What type of internship opportunities is there? Do students need to find their own internships or does the department help with placement?

5. Fill Out Your FAFSA

By filling out your Free Application For Federal Student Aid and submitting it to schools, they know you are interested.  I cannot stress enough how important filling out the FAFSA is. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you qualify for aid. Many schools also use the FAFSA for giving out merit aid too. If you don’t apply, you could be passed over for merit aid.


As you can see, there are lots of ways to interact with colleges and strategies to make your college application standout. Please note, do not just use one way to communicate with a college and do that a lot. Calling them all the time will backfire. Utilize the methods the school wants you to interact those are opportunities.

Lastly, this is a lot of information. If you want help working through it and how it applies to your student, contact us. We want to help with your student’s application to standout! Let’s Talk!