Government Shutdown & Financial Aid

First, I want to say this is not a political post. I try very hard to keep my posts neutral (even when I don’t feel neutral).

As you know, as of today (unless something happened overnight and my post beat me) we are in day 26 in the Government Shutdown. Many are impacted by the Shutdown in both direct and indirect ways. This post is to make sure you know what is going on as far as financial aid is concerned.

The first way the Shutdown may be impacting you is how, what, or if you are being paid. Many are not getting a paycheck. As many are not getting a paycheck, other areas are impacted from landlords waiting for rents to farmers waiting for USDA information which will impact them financially. If you are impacted directly or indirectly in how you are being paid and you have a student ready to go to college or in college – talk to the financial aid office. One clear way financial aid can change are if there are changes in circumstances. Colleges want to work with you, so don’t be shy about letting them know how the Shutdown or any other change in your finances will impact your family and any payments.

The second way the Shutdown may be impact you and financail aid is getting information from the IRS. Hopefully, you filed your FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid in October when the application became available if you have a current college student or a senior applying for next year. If for some reason you did not apply yet, good news, you should still be able to complete the form. While the IRS Data Retrival may not be working (and making it easier for you) you are using 2017 tax forms NOT 2018. Since we are all responsible adults – I would expect you have a copy of your 2017 tax returns. Also the FAFSA department is not impacted by the shutdown:

My hope is that this clears up some concerns. I also want to put out to those working without being paid – thank you! And may this article be obsolite because the Shutdown is over.